Lansing Police Cadets Program

Lansing Police Cadets Program
Who can Participate?
Any youth 15-18 years old (may stay in program until age 21), currently enrolled in school (H.S. or College ) serving the Village of Lansing, and having good moral character and clear criminal background.

What is the Cadet Program?
A Program designed to allow young people interested in Law Enforcement an opportunity to learn first hand through classroom studies and field participation.

When does this happen?
A Basic Training Academy begins in late September of each year and operates every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7:00PM -10:00PM. There will be occasional Saturday for firearms training.

Where do I train at?
The Lansing Police Department classroom and training facilities.

How is training conducted?
The Basic Training Academy consists of 200 hours of comprehensive classroom and practical studies covering Criminal Law, Illinois Vehicle Codes, Traffic Stops, Search & Seizures, First Aid, C.P.R, and various other topics.

  • The instructors are Law Enforcement professional from multiple agencies, including Lansing Police Officer, State and Federal Agents.
  • Tour of Cook County Court facilities.
  • Radio room training following academy completion.
  • Team stress/confidence course at Iron's Oaks.
  • Patrol Ride - Along Program.
  • Attendance at State and National conference and competitions.
What else do Cadets do?
  • Traffic control at special events.
  • Emergency assistance to the PD (Floods, Major Incidents)
  • Crime Prevention.
  • Public Speaking and Social engagements representing the Lansing Police Department.
  • Community and Public Relations.
What will I get out of the Cadet Program?
  • A working knowledge of what it takes to become a Police Officer.
  • Hands-on Law Enforcement experience.
  • The opportunity to make life long friends and contact with Cadets and Law Enforcement Officers.
  • To travel and compete against other Cadets at National and State Conferences while representing the Lansing Police Department.
  • The personal satisfaction that comes from sucessfully completing the Basic Training Academy, receiving your badge and uniform, and beginning to serve your community.
What is required of me?
  • To complete the enclosed application fully and return it prior to the start of the academy.
  • To attend an oral exam to the Lansing Police Department, following the completion of a background investigation.
  • To attend the Basic Training Academy and successfully complete it.
  • Following all Department standards for personal conduct, obey all General Orders.
  • Maintain good grades in studies.
  • Participate in Cadet fund raising events.
  • Following the Academy completion : 16 hours per month of radio and field training.

If you would like an application please click here and print it off.