Torrence Avenue Resurfacing Project To Begin May 1st

Beginning approximately May 1st, a major road resurfacing project will begin on a stretch of Torrence Avenue from 178th Street in Lansing south to Glenwood-Dyer Road in Lynwood, a section of roadway covering approximately 3.5 miles.
The 1.9 million dollar project falls under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and comes at no cost to the Village. It has been over ten years since work of this nature was performed on Torrence.
During the resurfacing, Torrence will not close entirely, but there will be frequent lane closures to allow the work to be done safely. Driveways to Torrence Ave. businesses will remain open, except when work is being performed on curbs or the road directly in front of a particular driveway. One lane of traffic will always be open traveling north or south, and all work will be performed during daylight hours, thereby eliminating any noise or safety issues at night.
The Village of Lansing asks its residents to be patient during the construction period. “There will be times the work is an inconvenience,” Communications Director Ken Reynolds admits, “but when the work is done, a large section of a major road in our community will be completely resurfaced at no cost to our residents.”
Although the street work is scheduled to start on May 1, preparations are now beginning, with tree root removal and curb removal in areas where the curbs are in poor condition. The projected end date for the work is August 30; prolonged bad weather delays; however, may cause a later completion date.
For even more details, please read the article below by Josh Bootsma of the Lansing Journal.

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