Building Department

 Building Department                                          Hours of Operation
3141 Ridge Rd.                                                         Monday-Friday

 Lansing, Il. 60438                                                     7am-4pm 
(708) 895-7193

Building Department Mission Statement

We believe the residents, businesses owners, and contractors in this village deserve professional and efficient guidance and 
training in accordance to the codes and ordinances we enforce. We will serve our community in a courteous, professional, and a 
timely manner. Our actions will reflect that of honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of our department.

Department of Building and Property Maintenance

The Village of Lansing Building Department is responsible for the enforcement of our Village Ordinances. 

The codes and ordinances govern the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of residential and commercial buildings and property in the village. The Property Maintenance Department is responsible for ensuring all residences and properties in Lansing are maintained.

Four property maintenance Inspectors investigate a wide variety of complaints  and issue violation notices where necessary. Permits and contractors licenses are issued by the department.

Any questions regarding permits can be directed to the staff.

The department also provides Health Inspections (click for more information).